Visuals:  Psychedelic Motion Artwork

Last year I was Invited by the National Academy of Design Museum in NY to showcase some original motion content for an after party for, artist Jeffrey Gibson.

I began experimenting by turning video clips into abstract shapes, and effecting and molding them until they were just blocks of color and glowing lights. For instance "pretty Lights" was made from a slow motion clip of a basketball player dunking a ball, whaaat? I know, it's pretty crazy...

 I noticed that the movement in the video would also make my shapes change color and interact as the lighting and movement and scenes changed in the video clips. the abstracts then engage themselves in a unique play, especially when played to music. 
My Visions came to life and were projected on a wall 45' x 21'. I hope to continue to make work of this kind to feature as moving visuals for Clubs, Events, Bands, and Art shows.


The visuals reel                                                       Music by: Voyager

Below are longer snippets of most of the individual pieces, and some new ones. 

PRETTY LIGHTS                                                Music by: Sylvan Esso 

RECTANGLES                                            Music by: Irresistible Force 

SPACE GIRL                                                                   Music by: C2C

VERTISEES IN COLOR                                                   Music by: M83 

CORDONED                                                         Music by: Radiohead

KOLIDA SCOPE                                                  Music by: Phantogram

CLOUD DANCER                                 Music by: Thievery Corporation