A taste of Louie

Louie Metzner is a prolific and multifaceted renaissance man.  When it comes to skills he feels that in the current job climate one must know how to do everything, but not to be labeled as a jack of all trades, but a master of many. Louie is a creative director, more than just a video editor, motion graphics designer, DP, designer, voice actor, or musician. Louie has an ability to see any project from all sides, considering the clients needs while also fighting for creative freedom when necessary. The computer is his domain, and here he works magic, sit him down and watch his fingers light with editorial fury.

Editors monthly magazine called him “The man you want in your editing suite”.

Louie's grade school teacher called him "Shut up and sit down, and stop making jokes while I'm talking, Louie!". 

Louie is Driven to create great content. He’s enthusiastic and passionate about his work. He has a  strong understanding of social storytelling and editorial content, a unique eye for detail and ability to come up with innovative solutions to problems, are among his superpowers. He’s sustainably sourced locally grown, cage free, and seasoned in all aspects of content creation, from conception to execution. 

Louie has worked with world renowned advertising agencies and companies like Ogilvy & Mather, Redworks and Nike, spun graphics for years with Viacom for MTV,  DP’d and edited book trailers for Simon and Schuster, and contracted his talents to many boutique agencies and marketing agencies, Game 7 Media,Tag Creative, Magnet Media, Company3 and Air paris.

If you are interested in taking Louie for a test drive, send him an email by clicking the contact link  Contact