Parexel: Your journey. Our Mission,    Client: Ogilvy & Mather/ Black Powder Works    Position: Editor/ Motion Graphics

PAREXEL Consulting, Corporate Vice President Ron Kraus discusses his company's role as your strategic guide in the drug development journey, overcoming obstacles and accelerating industry imperative to get products to market faster and smarter. PAREXEL's scientific, regulatory, and commercial expertise puts best practice standards to work for clients large and small, designing solutions for a constantly evolving healthcare landscape.

Parexel: Your journey. Our Mission,    Client: Ogilvy & Mather    Position: Editor/ Motion Graphics

Parexel: Solving the Complex,     Client: Ogilvy & Mather     Position: Editor/ Motion Graphics

Parexel: The Global Mind, Capitalizing on Intellectual Capital,     Client: Ogilvy & Mather     Position: Editor/ Motion Graphics

Parexel: The Bigger Journey, Navigating The Human Pathway,    Client: Ogilvy & Mather    Position: Editor/ Motion Graphics

The Atentiv(TM) System,     Client: Redworks/Black Powder Works,     Position: Editor/ Motion Graphics

Cabela's:  Holiday 2013 TV spots - Winter Wonderland,    Client: Redworks/ Ogilvy & Mather/ Black powder works,     Position: Assitant Editor/Motion Graphics

Cabela's:  Holiday 2013 TV spots - Silent Night,    Client: Redworks/ Ogilvy & Mather/ Black powder works,    Position: Assitant Editor/Motion Graphics

Documentary film: Joachim Prinz,  I Shall Not Be Silent   Client: RSquared Productions  Position: Assistant Editor

Tempurpedic: Ask Me      Client: Company 3 media,      Position: Motion Graphics

Consumer search: Un affair humide,      Client: Picture Farm Productions,       Position: Editor

The Art of Knit -- Making of the New York Benetton,     Client: Benetton    Position: DP/Editor 

T Magazine: Marc Andre Robinson,      Client: Picture Farm Productions, T Magazine,       Position: DP/Edit     

Hachette Book Group: Little brown      Client: Picture Farm Productions,       Position: AC/Editor